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Hearing for former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd death

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

When it comes to running in government buildings and acting a whole fool it’s not us that you have to worry about…

That said, the security at the Minneapolis courthouse where George Floyd‘s killer Derek Chauvin is being held looks a LOT like the United States Capitol in the days after white people ran in a government building and acted a whole fool. According to TMZ, construction crews have spent the past week or more fortifying the area to prevent protests, large gatherings, and demonstrations from taking place too close to the building, or near Derek Chauvin for that matter.

The Hennepin County, the Minneapolis City Hall building and the Hennepin County Jail have all been surrounded by unscaleable fences, barbed wire, and concrete structures that act as barriers. None of this will keep people off the streets during this trial, ESPECIALLY if the verdict doesn’t go the way it should…

If the city of Minneapolis wants to ensure that things remain calm and cool, they should probably just blindly convict Chauvin the same way they do Black folks who get football numbers for the pettiest of crimes.

Also of note, the city council has hired 6 social media influencers to “help spread information more readily and to as many people as possible”, however, that sounds like cap. Seems more likely that they would like to control the narrative on social media in order to quell emotions. Not happening. Anything less than Chauvin being convicted and receiving as long a sentence as is allowable under law WILL incite chaos. That’s not a threat by any means, it’s just the truth.


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