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Paul, Paul, Paul…Vision, Vision, Vision…

Listen, WandaVision has been full of surprises, shocks, and unbelievable moments and much like Wanda Maximoff herself, the audience is so thirsty for more and bigger surprises that we will believe just about anything that the creators of the show tell us. So when Paul Bettany told Esquire the following…

“Truth is, of all of the characters we were trying to keep secret, a lot of them got out through leaks. There is one character that has not been revealed. And it is very exciting. It is an actor I’ve longed to work with all of my life. We have some amazing scenes together and I think the chemistry between us is extraordinary and fireworks on set.”

…we had absolutely no reason to doubt him or think he was pulling our leg. Until we found out that he was pulling our f***ing leg!

This morning Bettany appeared on Good Morning America to unnecessarily (we say “unnecessarily” because who in their right mind needs prompting to watch a finale with the potential to alter the MCU forever??) promote the big finale that airs tonight on Disney+ (12 am PST and 3 am EST) and brought great sadness and despair to those who were desperately holding on to their theories.

That’s right, if you saw the last episode of WandaVision then you know that the “secret cameo” is Paul himself who is playing the second form of Vision that has become redundantly known as “white Vision” because, ya know, Paul already white. Anyway, fans spent WEEKS analyzing and hypothesizing about who this mystery person might be. Would Al Pacino be playing Mephisto? Would Doctor Strange make an appearance since WandaVision is connected to the Multiverse of Madness sequel? Would Tony Stark be coming back to life???

Yeah, naw, it’s just Paul, again. Dammit, Bettany! See these hands!

We should also note that this news is either the greatest misdirect long-game in TV/cinematic history or Paul is being 100% transparent and we should just enjoy the show tonight without elevating our expectations to ridiculously impossible levels. In either case, tonight will be epic!



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