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In case you wondered what to do during a zombie outbreak, the CDC has updated its “Zombie Preparedness” guidelines.

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Since the beginning of time, people have been obsessed with the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is one of the most beloved franchises ever, as it’s centered around this obsession. Conspiracy theorists believe that one day, the movie Resident Evil will be the world we live in and in between work and school, our main goal will be to avoid zombies.

No matter how ridiculous some of us think it is, in 2011, the CDC created its Zombie Preparedness guidelines. With the vaccine for COVID-19 finally arriving, the conspiracy theorists have gone wild. According to TMZ, it’s caused the CDC to update its guidelines to help those worrying feel more comfortable.

As if the past year hasn’t been brutal enough, famed 16th century seer Nostradamus predicted 2021 will be the year of the zombie apocalypse … but the CDC’s got ya covered. It sounds crazy, but just in case, the CDC has updated its website’s “Zombie Preparedness” section — which it launched in 2011 — to advise people on how to prepare for disasters or emergencies … ya know, like fighting off the undead.

While the CDC makes it clear it’s not expecting a real-life “World War Z” or “Walking Dead” situation to arise, it says its tongue-in-cheek zombie campaign “has proven to be a very effective platform.”

While this sounds nuts, the CDC guidelines help you treat cuts and bites. It’s no different than a natural disaster plan, but if it helps people have emergency supplies on-hand, it can’t hurt. As always, the motto stays the same “Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Prepared.” And always watch your six.


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