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Tiger Woods is finally returning to the video game landscape, signing a new deal for PGA Tour 2k.

Tiger Woods

Source: Scott Clarke / ESPN Images / Scott Clarke / ESPN Images

2021 started off rough for Tiger Woods after the golfer was involved in a single driver wreck in Los Angeles last month. He was already taking time away from golf prepping for back surgery, and now, he has massive damage to his legs–and if you know anything about golf, legs and back go hand in hand in being successful at the sport.

Tiger has overcome adversity before, but even the strongest can have a breaking point. According to TMZ, Tiger has a bit of good news on his plate during these trying times as he’s signed a massive deal for PGA Tour 2K that will finally see him return to the video game landscape as a playable character.

That’s changing though … 2K announced Tuesday morning it signed Tiger to an “exclusive, long-term partnership” — in which he will also serve as an “executive director” for its PGA Tour game franchise.

The deal means Tiger’s image and likeness can be used in all PGA Tour 2K golf games.

Tiger — who’s still recovering from a bad February car crash — issued a statement on the deal … saying, “I am looking forward to making my return to the video game landscape, and with 2K and HB Studios, I’ve found the right partners to make it happen.”

The financial aspect of the deal hasn’t been disclosed, but after Tiger holding out for this long, it had to be a massive amount to change his mind. This is a huge win for Tiger, 2K, and the fans who have been dreaming of playing as Tiger this whole time. Hopefully, Tiger can quickly recover and we can see him marketing the game with new content soon.



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