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63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast

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Angry white people are like a delicacy around these parts. We feast on their fury and if they’re racist, we wipe our mouths with their pointy hoods. Just minutes before Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion took the stage at the Grammys this past Sunday we tweeted the following:

We had ZERO doubt that #FFFFF people were going to be losing their mayo-lovin’ minds when they saw two Black women being their sexy, powerful, and unapologetic selves. It never fails. They just can’t take it. Proof of that lies in the Twitter spat that frazzled-edged Candace Owens picked with Cardi earlier this week. She might not be genetically white but mentally, spiritually, culturally, she’s as white as Megyn Kelly’s Santa Claus’ beard but we digress.

According to TMZ, the FCC received 80 complaints about the ladies performance and we could not be happier. One complaint from Colorado bemoaned that Cardi and Meg were dancing, “as if they were dancing in a strip club.” Yes, Karen, that’s the point. Smoke a legal joint and STFU. Another person who complained from Idaho said that the D-cup duo were, “absolutely disgusting”. So is smashing your cousin to smithereens but that sure didn’t stop you did it, Elizabeth?

One angry viewer in Texas complained that Megan wore a thong and that she had, “naked look-alike legs.” Well, Christine, everything is bigger in Texas, especially legs and a$$. A New Jersey hater and Looney Toons fan complained that Cardi and Meg got to be half-naked but Pepe LePew was banned from Space Jam. This one is the epitome of stupidity and false equivalency because Meg and Cardi are literally the polar opposite of Pepe. They are doing whatever they want with full agency over their bodies and Pepe was looking to steal agency from a woman’s body. See the difference, you incel loser?

Anywho, all the hoopla pleases us and we hope to God that Cardi and Meg do a nasty song together every single year just to ruffle these albatross’ feathers.


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