Netflix Reveals Trailer For "Stowaway," Premiering April 22

Bro, You’re In Danger: Shamier Anderson Stars As Accidental “Stowaway” Aboard Mars Mission Going Bad Fast [VIDEO]

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Lemme ask y’all something. When was the last time you watched a thriller with black people in it where none of them died?

Stowaway Key Art

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

Netflix just released the trailer for their new film “Stowaway” which stars Shamier Anderson, Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim. We’re worried fine a** Shamier may not survive the movie, but best believe we will enjoy every moment of his onscreen time.

Check out the trailer below:

Here’s the film synopsis:

On a mission headed to Mars, an unintended stowaway accidentally causes severe damage to the spaceship’s life support systems. Facing dwindling resources and a potentially fatal outcome, the crew is forced to make an impossible decision.

Now you see why we are worried for Shamier riiiiight?! We’re actually eager to see this one though. This is a great lineup of talent too. Also Daniel Bae Kim we see you too. What are the chances of them both surviving?

Can you imagine getting knocked out while on the job and waking up in a life or death situation? Listen, we have a whole new respect for our “job security” after watching this!

If this actually happened in real life, don’t you think they would turn right around? 12 hours is a lot less time than 20 days or two years.



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