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Dr. Shanna Swan claims environmental conditions could be to blame for penis shrinkage, adding yet another bullet point to the list of reasons to take climate change seriously and protect the environment.

In early September 2020, Los Angeles was blanketed each day with smoke and ash from nearby wildfires.

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For the past few years, the conversation around global warming and climate change has heated up alongside the earth itself heating, while we stand by and ignore the need for climate change regulation. The way we’ve been doing things and how we operated has damaged the earth and even our bodies in the various industries we have to keep the world spinning.

For the past four years, the Trump administration has not only ignored climate change but also mocked global warming in front of the entire world, further making us the laughing stock of the world. The impact of the weather crisis has the world hotter than it’s ever been, ice melting in places that have been frozen for hundreds of years, and in California, the state is literally on fire during hot weather seasons.

According to Complex, scientist, Dr. Shanna Swan has another problem to add to the impact list as she believes pollution is causing penises to shrink.

The substance in question is called phthalates, which are chemicals created in the production of plastics … which, when exposed to the human endocrine system, screws with our natural hormone process — a dynamic that Dr. Swan says is affecting our reproductive organs.

She cites different peer-reviewed studies in her findings, which say there’s a scary trend of modern-day babies being born with noticeably shorter members — which she directly links to the phthalates she says are seeping into our toys and even some foods we eat.

She also mentions that men’s sperm counts around the world are plummeting and with that, she believes we’ll all be virtually impotent by 2045. Hopefully, with Biden in the White House, we can find more green solutions and the penis crisis can be avoided.



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