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Lmao we can’t make this s#!t up!

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Being drunk off bottomless mimosas must pale in comparison to being drunk off bottomless gall. Yesterday, we reported that a white woman named Stephanie Denaro had attacked a Black NYC bakery employee with the racist epithet “b***h a** ni**er” after she became indignant about not wearing a mask. All of this was said in front of her children.

A customer standing behind this motherly ramekin of mayo captured the whole thing on video and the rest is history. B-b-b-but wait! It gets worse! The slander that ensued prompted Stephanie to take to Instagram not to apologize but to defend her use of the n-word in the dumbest, most hilarious, and ridiculous way possible. She says that her ancestry test revealed that she is 39% Nigerian so she is Black. Flip the slide in the Instagram post below.

Do you see this CAPTION?!? “As a young Black woman” (insert Soulja Boy gif here lol)??? Stephanie also has Instagram photos that show her flying her fascist flag as a proud supporter of, you guessed it, Donald John Trump.

Right, she’s one of THOSE. Truth be told, we’re positive that Stephanie is loving all this attention because she even gave an interview to DailyMail when they pulled up on her at her crib to ask her about why the f**k she thought she could speak to a Black person the way she did.




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