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Some of the laws that get passed in this country are as offensive as they are inexplicably stupid. According to MPRNews, a new one has just hit the books that is going to anger a lot of people. The Hennepin County Supreme Court, the same exact county that is hosting Derek Chauvin‘s murder case for the death of George Floyd, has overturned a 2019 conviction of a 3rd-degree rape of an impaired victim committed by Francois Khalil. In 2017, Khalil and two other men approached a woman outside of a bar who had just five shots of tequila and a narcotic pill. They invited them to a party but when they arrived at the location no party was to be found. The woman says she blacked out and woke up to Khalil raping her.

Wednesday, the court overturned the decision stating that the state’s definition of “mentally incapacitated” only applies to drugs and alcohol that was forced upon someone, not when they consumed the intoxicants voluntarily.

What the f**k type Handmaid’s Tale s#!t is THAT?!

Khalil is 24 now and is currently serving his five-year sentence at Faribault state prison but will be released soon. Advocates, activists, and sexual assault survivors like Abby Honold are pleading with state officials to do something about this insane loophole:

“There are a lot of people who are told when they report now, and when their case is referred to a prosecutor that essentially their sexual assault was technically legal. It’s always so heartbreaking to have to hear that from yet another survivor who came forward and reported,” Honold said.

And THIS is the county where historically unprotected citizens like women and Black folks are supposed to seek justice? Tuh.


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