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How can anything with these two talking on a microphone be anything other than entertaining?

Marc Jacobs & Benedikt Taschen Celebrate NAOMI At The Diamond Horseshoe

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Dave Chappelle sat down with his longtime friend and iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell on her Unfiltered podcast to talk about any and everything going on inside the GOAT comedian’s hilarious head. The two sit in Dave’s “hub of culture” that is known to his musician, comedian, and actor friends as The Shack and spend some time reminiscing on their relationship before diving into a variety of topics including, his trip to Africa, stand-up comedy, and dancing at the White House during the Obama administration.

To that last point, the Obama years were clearly significant for a multitude of reasons but one of which is the partying that was done in the confines of a property that was built by slaves yet housed the most powerful Black family in the world for eight years. Chappelle fondly recounted one of his favorite nights with Barry & co. and also solved a mystery that had gone unresolved throughout the years that 55% of white women’s president lived in the nation’s Capitol.

Some of you may remember the news report that circulated back in 2019 when the MAGA administration claimed that members of the Obama staff had left mean notes to them in various places around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham reported that things like “you will fail” and “you aren’t going to make it” were left for Trump’s staff to find. Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice even had to do rumor control to quell the growing complaints from right-wing media.

Well, Dave Chappelle knew the whole time that none of what the Trumpers were saying was true because he personally witnesses who had written those notes. His celebrity friends!

“This was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. This was, like, one of the last big parties the Obamas threw. And I’m not gonna say these celebrities’ names. There was a thing, remember, when the Trump administration moved in they said the Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and all the cabinets? Now, I saw this happening and I’m not gonna say who did it but it was celebrities writing all this crazy s*** and putting them all over there. And I saw them doing this. When I saw that on the news, I laughed real hard.”

If you want to hear more stories like this, we highly suggest you press play down below and watch the entire episode. It is GOLD!

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