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Two #RHOA newbies are once again clashing and one of them is sending some biblical shade. During Sunday’s episode, Drew Sidora alleged that LaToya Howard was “preying” on a prophet/family friend that she booked to do the baby blessing for her daughter Aniya.

Drew Sidora

Source: Drexina Nelson / Bravo

According to Drew, LaToya who at the time was still legally married was sleeping with “engaged” Prophet Lott, and she allegedly heard the info from LaToya’s own mom and the man of God himself.

“I really still don’t know everything that’s going on,” said Drew while confiding in her husband Ralph. “LaToya’s mom said that she went and got a hotel room for Prophet Lott. And then Prophet Lott said that they went to dinner and then they went to breakfast the next day. That’s what’s all coming back to me, is that they’re in a relationship.”

Drew also went on to say that the Prophet “has a new baby and a fiancée” that he left for LaToya. With all of that in mind, Drew said that she was canceling having him bless her child.

Drew Sidora & Latoya Ali

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Later an upset Drew confronted LaToya over the Prophet Lott rumor and her fellow #RHOA newbie vehemently denied it.

Drew: “I had gotten a call from Prophet Lott, and he told me that I guess you were upset or something. He said you were upset because I had found out that you guys had been seeing each other. […] “But just know that I know. I just want you to know real lives have been affected… Didn’t you tell Cynthia that you met somebody from Texas? And he broke up with his fiancée, and he has a baby?

“I can’t have a conversation with somebody that doesn’t keep it real. It’s not some made-up story, so if you just don’t want to be honest then that’s fine. But if you’re on a spiritual journey, I think the first step is just to tell the truth.”

LaToya: “I think the first step is for you to shut up because you don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about… I was on a four-week program with him. He was advising me spiritually every Wednesday.”

Drew: “So is that why your mom thought you were with him? Because you got a hotel room for Prophet Lott. Am I lying?!”

Drew then said that LaToy had the “spirit of Delilah” and later, LaToya called up the prophet on FaceTime to put the allegations to rest. Prophet Lott denied being in a relationship with her and said he hadn’t been engaged in “three years” so there was NO way LaToya could be breaking up his home.

On The “RHOA After Show,” LaToya responded to Drew’s allegations and told her to mind her holy business.

“The prophet and I are friends and he was engaged three years ago,” said LaToya. “The fact of the matter is, we were not speaking on these terms. We were not dating, I was getting sound counsel from him from a prophetic standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint. It had nothing to do with us being together. I would never speak to a man who’s engaged that’s like blocking my own blessings.

“Yes, I am going through a divorce and if I choose to date or not, who cares?” she added. “You [Drew] have a child out of wedlock but nobody torments you about that. I don’t understand why Drew is so concerned about what’s going on in my life. You need to worry about what’s going on with your husband, not me!”

M E S S.

Whose side are you on in this messy Delilah spirit shade???


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