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“Just know that what’s done in the dark will always come to light! Remember that I said this!”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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Is that shade Drew Sidora? That’s the question people are asking after the Real Housewife of Atlanta dropped some interestingly timed comments on Instagram. As previously reported fellow #RHOA newbie LaToya Ali and her estranged husband Adam Ali are having some SERIOUS post-divorce drama amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse, and marital rape. Adam has denied LaToya’s accusations while accusing her of gaslighting but LaToya is standing firm and calling it “100% truth.”

In the midst of the digital dustup, Drew Sidora sent out a message to fans and encouraged them to “pay attention to social media” while noting that some people are “fake.”

“You guys see what’s going on on social media, make sure you stay up on what’s going on on social media. I just wanted to get on here and say one thing really quick, make sure you pay attention to people’s character,” said Drew. “You got a lot of fake people on here who pretend. They’re trying to act but they have no IMDB. They get on here and they act, you need to be able to really look at people’s character. If someone is an antagonist then that person is an antagonist. If that person is a liar, then they’re a liar. […] Just know that what’s done in the dark will always come to light! Remember that I said this!”

In addition to Drew seemingly shading LaToya, the @HousewivesOfATL Instagram account pointed out that Drew followed LaToya’s estranged husband Adam during yesterday’s drama. Drew said it was so she could “keep up with the receipts.”

“Girl you tryna get Adam on that coffee table? You go girl,” wrote LaToya in the @HousewivesOfATL comments section referencing Drew dancing with Bolo The Entertainer in Charleston.

“You’ve been coming for me all season and just last week…I just wanted to keep up with the receipts. #Prophet” responded Drew.

“Lemme go follow your trappin’ BD Ricky Brascom,” LaToya later added.

The “#Prophet” comment is interesting and comes after LaToya’s ex allegedly made a remark about something going down at church…

“Let’s not forget what transpired in the church too,” reads a text allegedly from Adam Ali. “Your truth is delusional and a lie. Ya lack the ability to take ownership. Just running around. I overly defended you in this video coming out but talk your s***.”

and after Drew alleged on Sunday’s forthcoming episode of #RHOA that LaToya’s been “playing with the church” and “preying on prophets.”

What in the UnChrist-like conundrum is going on??? What “went down” at the church and why do YOU think is Drew adamant about “bringing it to light”???






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