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There’s (still) beef brewing between two #RHOA newbies and it looks like it will play out at the show’s reunion. LaToya Ali who was accused of “faking sick” before flying to New York to attend the sitdown recently blasted Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph Pittman for pulling a shady prank that was apparently caught on a phone camera.

On LaToya’s YouTube Channel that she shares with her personal trainer boyfriend Von, LaToya alleged that the husband and wife duo gave her a Vitamin C packet to make fun of her “fake” illness.

The packet was allegedly delivered to LaToya by Ralph’s barber who came into her dressing room ahead of the #RHOA Reunion and said it was “courtesy of Drew Sidora.”


“I’m sick as a dog in New York for the reunion,” said LaToya who noted that her doctor didn’t want her to travel. “I hear bam bam and the door like flies open. So anyways this person comes in with a camera phone with the flash on, comes to me this close to me with the flash on and gives me a Vitamin C Packet and they say; ‘Compliments of Drew Sidoara.’ I know that you’re trying to be funny but at the end of the day, I’m sick and I’m on antibiotics. On top of that, you’re not welcome here. You barged into my personal space! I don’t even know you, you’re violating my privacy because I’m getting dressed! I was half naked—this person barged into my room, like ‘Who are you?!’ Von and I are so pissed. I was livid.”

LaToya then recalled the moment she figured out that the man who barged into her room was connected to Drew which made her “go Love & Hip Hop.”

“The guy comes into my room and come to find out it was Ralph’s barber who did it,” said LaToya on Youtube. “Ralph’s barber, obviously they were connected because he was like, ‘This is compliments of Drew Sidora’, obviously you guys are connected. So she sent this man into my personal space, violating my privacy to give me a Vitamin C packet. That’s not funny because one we’re not even friends like that. We’re not friends, so why are you doing that? It’s not funny to me! I went completely off and I don’t even think they will air it because I went like “Love & Hip Hop” on these people, PERIOD! I got real mad, I got real upset. It’s disrespectful, disgusting.”

Her boyfriend also backed up her and said he’d pissed if he found out that Ralph Pittman involved himself in grown women’s business and LaToya alleged that Drew lied about being in on the prank but still apologized to “save face.”

LaToya added on Twitter;

“I was sick at the Reunion. Drew had Ralph’s barber BARGE into my room without knocking with a camera in my face and said “compliments of Drew Sidora” and handed me a Vitamin C packet. Security kicked him out. Drew denied it. LYIN A*S HEIFER! I can’t stand a fake Christian they are the first to cast judgment.”


“Ralph stay out of women’s drama and go back to your side piece’s house in Tampa. I’m sure her peach is juicier.”

M E S S Y.


Drew has yet to respond to LaToya’s “Vitamin C” conundrum but she did speak on the fellow newbie allegedly faking sick.


Hit the flip.

Before LaToya’s shade fest, Drew was a guest on E Online’s Daily Pop and she doubled down on claims that the YouTuber was pretending to be sick ahead of the reunion.


According to Drew, it was because LaToya wasn’t ready for what she had coming for her.

“I definitely know that she was not ready for this work,” Drew spilled to Justin and Kym. “She was coming up with every excuse and reason—and she wanted her fans to back her up like she can’t come—they had to pull her. Like, ‘Get out here, girl.'”

Drew also said she had doubts about the Canadian’s illness because LaToya “went out with her boyfriend after the reunion was over.” Drew quipped, “Girl was fine! I’m not buying it.”


Drew is correct, following the reunion LaToya spent time with her “bestie” boo and posted about it on IG.

Did YOU buy LaToya’s “sick” excuse? What do YOU think about their #RHOA Reunion beef with Drew?

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