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We’re on Day 2 of the now-infamous Ushbucks saga that started when a dancer at the Sapphire in Vegas put Usher on blast for throwing phony money WITH HIS FACE ON IT during a recent night out that, naturally, sparked hilarious chaos across social media.

Jokes (and memes) flew for a strong hour before a Sapphire rep revealed to TMZ that Usher did NOT tip the dancers with Ushbucks and actually tipped the dancers and staff generously.

Sources close to Usher told TMZ that his crew (not him) left some Ushbucks behind on the stage as a joke while also promoting Usher’s new Vegas residency.

Oh, and one more thing: 2 separate parties said the dancer’s version of the story is BS.

The dancer in question later backpedaled (kinda) on Instagram by blaming US for running with questions she asked about the Ushbucks that SHE posted in her IG story.

“I literally asked a question and y’all ran with it. If funny money is being thrown at an establishment where girls dance for $. It should have a trade in value period… but nvm lemme know *shush emoji* it was left behind for “promo” *laugh emoji*” she posted

Whether or not she still works at the club after pulling this stunt, we don’t know, but Sapphire owner Peter Feinstein revealed that Usher said he’ll be back “to make things right” ahead of the opening night of his Vegas residency on July 16th.

How do you think this saga ends? Tell us down below and peep MORE hilarious tweets/memes from the ‘Ushbucks’ saga on the flip.

“Dancers when they find out they exclusively got paid in nothing but Usherbucks that night” – HIS FACE

“Usher wore Heelys in the club. I wholeheartedly believe he carries ushbucks” – HEELYS

“Now Usher……………” – yoooooooo

“Imma keep it 1 Usher witcha” – first Virgil, then Meek and now Ushers

“i know a black queen wrote this TMZ article. yes defend our king” – yasssss

“It’s 7 o’clock on the dot. I’m on my laptop printing some GUAP!” – haaaaaaaaa

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“The strippers when they looked at Usher’s money and saw a n*gga on it” – *cackles*

“What if I showed you this?” – haaaaaa

“Usher in the strip club” – if you know, you know

“N*gga done threw $50k of Yeah! bucks and nobody figured it out until he had already wheelied out the door?!Lmfaoooo” – WHEELIED

“Usher hittin the strip club with a fresh stack of Usher Bucks” – best scene “Hustlers”


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