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Saweetie and the weird combination of foods she decides to pair together and scarf down like its fine cuisine never ceases to amaze the internet. It’s clear her stomach (and guts) favor her wacky decisions, because she’s still here to share her made-up meals with the world. Previously, the rapper went viral for splattering ranch dressing on pizza.

A recent video of the “Icy Girl” putting Hot Cheetos on her pizza has the internet gagging. Snoop Dogg appears in the clip with Saweetie, calling her “ghetto fabulous.” The rapper also admits to putting ramen seasoning on her oysters.

Does this look tasty to YOU?

Saweetie’s Hot Cheeto pizza concoction turned stomachs and heads online.  “Saweetie eats like a raccoon,” one person said, calling out the video.

There were a lot of jokes rolling in over Saweeties diet, but one fan actually took a second to pray for her health among the chuckles. He wrote:

“Let me be nice. I hope she balances her diet correctly with the mixed groups of foods as well as taste buds that she intakes. She is a lovely girl and i pray for her insides and breath.”


We hope so too!


Back in February Saweetie went into further detail about her wild food concoctions.

“I don’t know why. I just be walking around my house and then boom I got an idea and I be like I need to put this on an oyster or I need to make this concoction.”

Saweetie continued, “I have dreams about recipes and when I make them they taste good. I’m just a foodie ya’ll.”

Scroll down to see even more Saweetie chatter.

Would you put ramen seasoning on your oysters? What about that ranch spaghetti recipe? Tell us down below!



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