Bob The Drag Queen Speaks On International Delight Campaign & Drag Race

She’s A Winner, Baby! ‘International Delight’ Diva Bob The Drag Queen Will ‘Eat Her Wig’ If Symone Doesn’t Win #DragRace

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A Queen who never shies away from expressing herself is speaking on tonight’s Drag Race finale in an International[ly] Delight[ful] way.

Bob The Drag Queen is just like you, she’s already solidified her top pick to take home the crown on season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

Bob The Drag Queen International Delight

Source: International Delight / “Room To Party” Campaign

After a season that included a “Pork Chop” loading dock twist, a double shantay, and an explosive ‘Untucked’ showdown, predictions on who’ll be named America’s next drag superstar are pouring in.

According to Bob who successfully snatched the crown in season 8, frontrunner Symone is a “shoo-in”, or at least she should be, lest Bob be forced to dine on human hair bundles.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Finale Virtual Red Carpet

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

“If Symone does not win Drag Race I will eat my wig,” said Bob during a chat with BOSSIP about International Delight’s “Room To Party” campaign.

Bob also balked at the idea that she should root for her fellow NY Queens Rosé and Kandy Muse instead of the “Ebony Enchantress” who hails from Conway, Arkansas, and lives in Los Angeles.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Finale Virtual Red Carpet

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Finale Virtual Red Carpet

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

“I told Monét [X Change], being in proximity to me does not win my allegiance,” Bob added. “I am not going to root for you just because I know you. Knowing you is not enough to win my undying allegiance to you.”

“I’m not about to rob Symone, this amazing Black drag queen who is shutting down the game of her rightful spot as the winner of season 13 because you and I share the same zip code. It’s not gonna work, it’s just not gonna happen. That’s on purr!”

Preferential treatment based on proximity? Who said dat?

Like Bob, we’ve got our “Fact’ry” fingers crossed for Symone but we’ll be watching to see what happens.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Finale Virtual Red Carpet

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

In addition to speaking on Symone having the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to take home the crown, Bob gushed over International Delight’s new “Room To Party” campaign that’s encouraging everyone to turn routine moments into mug-sized celebrations of their truest selves, pandemic and all.

According to Bob who enjoys International Delight’s Caramel Machiatto and French Vanilla flavors, your coffee order is very telling and International Delight creamers can be key to self-expression.

“I’m really excited to be partnering up with International Delight, it’s been really fun for me,” Bob The Drag Queen told BOSSIP. “And also to be honest, coffee is actually a new part of my daily routine. I’ve not always been a coffee girl. This is very since I’ve moved to L.A. Both of my partners drink coffee and I wake up in the morning and I’ll go grab some coffee for them. And then over time, I realized like my partner drinks his coffee, black, like straight up.”

“And I’m like, ‘I’m a coffee beginner, I need some sugar I need to express myself differently,” Bob added. “That’s why my look today is inspired by the caramel macchiato flavor, which I’m very proud of. I mean twinsies, we’re matching, but it’s also a great way to express yourself. Everyone knows their coffee order, right? When you go get your coffee, you know how many sugars, you know exactly what flavor of coffee creamer you like, so it’s a great way to show your own self-expression. Your coffee order says a lot about you.”

Bob also spilled about how she still leans into her own self-expression. According to the Drag Race winner despite the current circumstances, she’s been actively doing online shows and appearances centered around more than just her comedy chops.

“I think that I really leaned into my personality even more,” Bob The Drag Queen told BOSSIP. “A lot of my work pre-pandemic was based on my stand-up my performance but I’ve actually been relying on my opinions, I’ve been doing a lot of opinion-based shows. I did two seasons of “The Pit Stop” on Viacom’s YouTube page, I did my own review show called “Purse First Impressions” and me and Monét [X Change] have a show called “Sibling Watchery” where watch RuPaul’s Drag Race,” she added.Honestly, I’m seeing that a lot of people love me for my personality.

She also added that her “feet feel better” sans heels now that she’s taken her drag digital, something that was a conscious choice for the drag superstar.

“I really wanted to lean into the digital age,” said Bob. “I did not want to shy away from it. I didn’t want to be one of those folks who was just waiting until the storm ended. I wanted to try to adapt. I think that being able to be adaptable, but still maintaining your own sense of personality is really important for sure for sure.”



That’s not all, however.


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Hit the flip for more Bob and her delightful thoughts on Drag Race.

Before ending our chat, Bob also spoke on “Snatch Game”, a Drag Race staple that makes Queens give celebrity impersonations in a game show setting.

On season 13, top-four contestant GotMik proved she was more than just a fashion queen and effortlessly eviscerated a Paris Hilton parody to win the challenge.


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Finale Virtual Red Carpet

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

But what did Bob whose Carol Channing/ “Crazy Eyes” impersonation is legendary, think?

Bob told BOSSIP that she truly enjoyed GotMik’s “Snatch Game” because she thinks GotMik is the comedy Queen of the season.

“The thing about Gotmik which by the way I was so shocked [about], in my opinion, Gotmik is the comedy Queen of the season,” said Bob to BOSSIP. “At one point Rosé and Tina [Burner] were arguing over who’s the funniest and I was like, ‘Neither one of you! It’s Gotmik!’ She’s the funniest and pretty much every time they count her out because she’s a fashion Queen. They count her out because they think that’s all she can do. You know we think we people are one-sided and one-dimensional and that’s not the case Miss Thing, that’s not the case.

“What made her so brilliant was she really knew how to layer the comedy,” Bob added. “She started off with a really strong joke with a great concept. We all know Paris Hilton has two personalities, the online Paris Hilton we all know and then the true Paris Hilton and it started off strong. Starting off comedy poorly is like singing in the wrong key, if you sing in the wrong key you have to stop the song, start over and redo it. And when you start improv or comedy off wrong, it’s like it’s so hard to recover without completely wiping the slate clean.”



Do YOU agree with Bob that Gotmik quietly crept her way into the comedy Queen role? And who do YOU think will take home the crown?



Share your opinion and check in with Bob and International Delight’s “Room To Party” campaign  HERE. 


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