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Last week #BlackInkCrew star Walt made headlines for allegedly stealing $5,000 and some other property from his former workplace, “Black Ink” in Harlem sparking reactions from disappointed fans. Shop owner Ceaser Emanuel then revealed how hurt he was over the situation, referring to Walt as a former “real friend.” Cease also said he was there for Walt at pivotal life moments, including for his wedding last year.

Although it appeared that Walt was confessing to the burglary on TV, he’s now implying it was all made up. In a post and delete, Walt denied breaking into the shop and taking $5,000 as it was portrayed on television.

“I didn’t break into any shop. The shop didn’t lose 5K. I was NEVER homeless. NOBODY helped me on my feet when I was down and out.”

Walt continued,

I am far from perfect and understand folks are upset about some things but this is some made up TV sh*t that people are trying to run with and it’s sad.

It’s hard to say who is telling the truth here since it appeared like Walt CONFESSED. On television he was recorded saying;

“The whole bullsh*t with the whole register sh*t man.. I definitely had something to do with that,” he continues. “I tried to like, fix it up later on when I got the break up from the back. Sh*t ain’t really easy for me. I’m not making any excuses, but I definitely did that dumb shi*t.”

Do YOU believe Ceaser or Walt is telling the truth?!


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