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Tyrese did WHAT?

We’ve known for some time that Tyrese isn’t the brightest crayon in the box which became even more apparent when he shaved his new boo’s hooha on camera in a truly bizarre “couples goals”-style post that sparked hilarious chaos across social media.

At this point, we’re not shocked by Tyrese’s shenanigans that get more ridiculous by the month. And by ridiculous, we mean embarrassing especially when you consider that he’s a 42-year-old adult.

Now, you may remember when he gave up on begging for his wife back and moved on with 25-year-old Booty Goddess Zelie Timothy who weirdly posted the now shaving video on her IG stories.

We don’t know much about the big booty baddie other than she’s a Leo (because Tyrese reminds us in every post), “Dominic Asian” (according to Tyrese’s bungled hashtag), and seemingly smitten with the almost-bachelor who couldn’t WAIT to post her all over his gram.

According to sources, Tyrese’s new bae isn’t actually a rebound which implies that they’ve known each other for a while.

This not-very-shocking development comes just a few months after he announced the divorce from his “Black Queen” and later embarrassed himself with pathetic pleas to win her back.

“Dear Samantha this was supposed to be us…. remember the franklins was our marriage GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling smiling……. I’m gonna get her back watch me! [ I think ],” he posted under a post of Tammy Franklin celebrating her 25th Anniversary with Kirk.

We highly doubt Samantha regrets her decision to leave after these recent events that haven’t seemed to faze Zelie who seems like a perfect match.

Do you think Tyrese should take a break from social media? Tell us down below and peep the video (and Twitter hysteria) on the flip.

“Tyrese needs help” – many would agree

“This still of Tyrese shaving his gf coochie needs to be put in the louvre” – weirdoooo

“Nah Tyrese really shaved his girls coochie on IG and hosted an Oscar viewing party in the same night and didn’t even have the decency to change his shirt. Nasty with that one. A menace to society.” – mannnnnn

“This mf tyrese looking at us like… “Now, I bet you’re wondering how I got here…yup that’s me right there” – *sigh*

“I look to see why Tyrese is trending and..” – ACCURATE


So Tyrese was doing what he was doing with a house full of people tonight? Lshdjjdkgkgk” – it…certainly appears that way

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“everytime I see tyrese trending” – every single time

“Have we all decided to ignore Tyrese shaving his woman’s coochie on IG?” – we should’ve touched and agreed

“It’s so crazy to me how Tyrese went from vowing to win his ex-wife back to having a girlfriend who calls him her king, all in the span of a week” – oop



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