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Accountability is something that neither police officers nor white women do well…

Amber Guyger

Source: Mesquite Jail / Mesquite Jail

It comes as absolutely no surprise that Amber Guyger is trying to get out of being a convicted murderer after she gunned down Botham Jean inside of his own apartment. According to CNN, Guyger’s lawyer Michael Mowla has argued to three appeals judges that it would be more legally appropriate to convict his client on criminally negligent homicide charges as opposed to murder.

“Mr. Mowla, you’re overlooking the fact that Miss Guyger testified that she intentionally shot Mr Jean,” Chief Justice Robert D. Burns III told the attorney. Burns at one point suggested that Guyger’s conviction was in fact supported by the legal precedent raised by the defense.

Let Mowla tell it, Guyger believed that she was inside of her apartment and thus had the right to use deadly force upon discovering an “intruder.”

Suffice to say, Botham Jean’s mother Allison Jean is not here for it in any way, shape, or form.

“Amber Guyger needs to sit where she is in prison and accept responsibility for what she did to my son, my family, my country, my world,” Allison Jean said in a phone interview Tuesday from her home in St. Lucia.

Jean added that Guyger’s 10-year sentence is still not enough for the unjust killing of her son. The mother mentioned that if the roles had been reversed, she believes he would have been facing a much longer prison term.

“He was destined to lead this world. For his life to be taken away from us in such a careless manner, she needs to be given more time for what she did,” Allison Jean explained.

“Our life has just been turned upside down as a result of Amber Guyger’s action, and she needs to leave us alone right now,” Allison Jean said. “She’s done enough harm.”

Facts. The idea that Guyger shouldn’t be held to the standard of murder just because she “thought” that she was in her own apartment doesn’t hold an ounce of water with the judges but they will render their decision at a later date. But the fact is that making the mistake of entering Botham’s apartment does not exonerate Guyger from the fact that she knowingly killed someone.

Our eyes are on this case VERY closely.


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