"The Circle's" Deleesa Says She Invited Chloe To Join Marriage To Trevor

BOSSIP Exclusive: “The Circle” Season 2 Stars Chloe And Deleesa Talk B*tchiness And Bonding! [VIDEO]

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THE CIRCLE (L to R) Chloe Veitch and Deleesa St Agathe in season 2 of THE CIRCLE.

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“The Circle” Season 2 released their final few episodes on Wednesday, May 5th and we spoke to two of the popular stars from the Netflix series, Chloe Veitch and Deleesa Carrasquillo. If you haven’t watched yet, we recommend coming back after finishing the season to read this post. We tried to steer clear of spoiling anything but there may be some giveaways…

Chloe has had her fair share of Netflix fame having previously appeared on “Too Hot To Handle” but the British beauty argued that her previous experience didn’t give her an advantage in this particular competition. Deleesa’s strategy on the show was to used her hubby Trevor’s photos and persona to keep things peaceful with the other players, since she felt her social media presence was more on the b*tchy side. Ironically this led to Chloe crushing on her big time. The two say they built a bond based on their experience and Deleesa jokingly called Chloe her girlfriend and said she’s invited to join her marriage. Chloe admitted it was probably for the best that Deleesa is a woman because their relationship is now more meaningful and lasting. The pair also weighed in on the beef between Savannah and Terilisha which seems to be still going! Check out the full interview below:

Did you guys watch “The Circle” this season? Who was your favorite? We loved Deleesa and we also loved Courtney and Chloe. We were really happy with how this season ended. Were you surprised by the finale?



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