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Yee’n slick.



We know people like 55% of white women’s former President are used to loopholes that allow them to do whatever they feel like but this time the consequences and repercussions have a finality that status can’t supersede.

Yesterday, a FORBES reporter named Andrew Solender caught wind of a Twitter account for Donald Trump‘s new website that had been suspended for violating terms of service. According to the DailyMail, “From The Desk of Donald J. Trump” is the disgraced president’s new digital platform to speak to his obsequious band of bootlickers since he has been banned from every other major public social media app. The new website allows for the former president’s MAGA maniacs to repost his statements straight to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

It appears that the page @DJTDesk was created as a way to circumvent the ban that Twitter placed on him by representing itself as some sort of Trump proxy where bum a$$ 45 could get his bars off. After only one day of existing, Twitter gave the page the Mutombo finger. Funny enough, this happened on the same day that Facebook and Instagram upheld their suspension of the orange obstructionist.

On Wednesday, The Oversight Board released a statement explaining their decision to further suspend Trump stating, that his posts during the Capitol riot “severely violated Facebook’s rules” and “legitimized violence.”

They continued: “We call on Facebook to ensure that if a head of state or high government official repeatedly posts messages that pose a risk of harm under international human rights norms, the company should either suspend the account for a set period or delete it.”

The Board has given Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg another 6 months to decide whether they’ll permanently delete or reactive his account.

Trump was obviously pissed off about all this because his narcissism needs to feed and without social media, his brand of thumb thuggin’ flails about pretty impotently.

Nice try, bucko.



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