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The Thanos and Kilmonger of internet toxicity are duking it out for worldwide web supremacy.

Dr. Umar Johnson Kevin Samuels beef

Source: Instagram / Instagram

Both Dr. Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels are probably the two biggest titans of turpitude on Al Gore’s internet. One is a Pan-African “child behavioral clinician” who is building an invisible school and the other is a “relationship expert” who appears to be birthed from a malevolent masculinity menagé Trois between Steve Harvey, Puff Daddy, and a washed-up Calvin Klein model. These cohabitant sides of the same coin are beefing and it’s essentially the Godzilla vs. King Kong of online shenanigans

Here’s how it began. Dr. Umar posted the following subliminal message on his Instagram page.

Now, he didn’t say Kevin’s name and in all fairness, there are a lot of fugazi a$$ “YouTubian” relationship “gurus” just like Kevin who could wear this exact same sentiment like it was a bespoke three-piece suit stitched on Savile Row.

Later, Umar would proceed to double down on his earlier sentiment during a live stream that was recorded in the video below.

Again, Umar didn’t say Samuels’ name, however, we don’t believe for a second that he doesn’t know of Kevin’s long history of insanely ignorant insults towards Black women. Even if Umar wasn’t referring to Kevin during his rant, Samuels wasted no time sliding those self-hating Gucci loafers onto his feet to do the clap back shuffle.

We can’t say exactly what…the root…of the bitterness is between these two distinguished d-bags but if our time online has taught us anything it’s that there will likely be some great gifs and memes to come out of this absolutely bottom-shelf broadband beef. However, if you let Dr. Umar tell it, there is no beef.

The Spider-man pointing clone GIF has come to life on our timelines.



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