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Happy Friday! We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of “Iyanla, Fix My Life” and lucky for y’all, we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure.

On Saturday’s episode, viewers will see Iyanla encourage husband Patrick to be the true head of his household and lead his family to the therapy that they so desperately need.

“You have been leading from behind,” Iyanla tells him. “Meaning you are the head of this family but when it comes to correcting or addressing things, you do it after there’s a problem.” “How come you ain’t leading your whole family into therapy?” Iyanla asks.


Here’s more about the episode!

Erika, a mother of adult children and wife of twenty-eight years, has written Iyanla for help because what should be an exciting time in her life has now turned into a daily nightmare. In the last few months both of her adult daughters, Leilani and Alexis, have recently moved back under her roof, and Erika feels frustrated with their lack of communication and poor life decisions. To make matters worse, she complains that living with her husband Patrick feels more like having a roommate than a partner and lover, and his ability to “check out” of any difficult problems leaves her feeling disconnected and isolated. In writing to Iyanla, Erika is hoping to find some help and guidance as to how to solve her issues with her family, but in turn, her family is clear in their convictions that their biggest problem is in fact Erika, herself. Leilani and Alexis, Erika’s daughters, are the first to admit that they only came to see Iyanla because they feared the wrath of their mother if they didn’t. And for Patrick, he has come to make sure his wife is happy, without any knowledge of how his wife and daughters are struggling. But what no one is citing as a problem is the family’s methods of coping with stress, which includes heavy drinking and controlling behavior. Can Iyanla help get them back on a healthier path, before it’s too late?

Hopefully, this family finds healing.

Iyanla Fix My Life

Source: OWN / Iyanla Fix My Life

Tune in Saturday night at 9pm EST for this new episode of “Iyanla, Fix My Life”!



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