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Finally, Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, set to arrive in theaters later this year.

Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Venom" - Red Carpet

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Last year, COVID-19 took almost everything fun in our lives from us. Most of us haven’t walked into a movie theater and enjoyed overpriced popcorn and snacks in more than a year. As wild as it seems, we are ready to have that feeling again and it seems to be closer than we think.

We’ve finally gotten Marvel Studios back on track blessing us with trailers, which is a big player in Hollywood, if not the biggest. We also got Vin Diesel back in his old school car terrorizing cities in the new Fast & The Furious trailer. With all of these blockbusters on the horizon, it’s safe to say we are almost back in the theaters and each week provides a new reason to plan a return.

One of the films that were delayed due to the pandemic was the sequel to Sony’s first Venom movie. Rumors have surfaced that this film would mark Marvel and Sony’s first crossover attempt since signing their new deal to keep Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU.

The trailer picks up from where we last left off in the 2018 film with Eddie Brock and Venom trying to live somewhat cordially alongside one another. Venom helps Eddie make a messy breakfast and by the looks of a sign on the wall, seems like the two have only one rule while living together: “No eating people.”

Later on in the trailer, we’re introduced to Woody Harrelson who has been cast as the insane, ruthless, and cold-blooded killer, Cletus Kasady. We can only imagine the level of evil and “carnage” he has in store as we get to see a quick glimpse into his backstory and the foe-filled drama that he’ll most likely shakeup in the film. Casting Harrelson for the role was spot on, in our opinion.

Now that Hollywood is getting back on track, Sony has finally released the first look at the film, which is sure to reengage everyone who was looking forward to it. The film is now set to hit theaters on September 24th.

You can watch the first trailer for the film below.




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