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We’re unabashed in our love and devotion to Jodie Turner-Smith and are only slightly less obsessed with her than her husband Joshua Jackson.

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson

Source: Timmie / SplashNews / Splash News

The actress had a thoroughly entertaining visit to “Late Night With Seth Meyers” last week where she disclosed all kinds of entertaining tidbits about herself — including that she used to be a Miller Lite promo girl when she lived in Pittsburgh, PA. Of course the juicier tidbits for us were about her relationship with Jackson, who she admits, she used to crush on way back in the day when he starred as Pacey on “Dawson’s Creek.”

Jodie spilled the beans on how she met Jackson at a party, spotted him and decided she wanted him, but played it cool and pretended not to see him as he noticed her. Of course she’s hard to escape notice with her statuesque body and stunning good looks but it probably didn’t hurt that she was wearing a t-shirt that read “The Future Is Female Ejaculation,” the same shirt worn by Tessa Thompson’s character Detroit in Boots Riley’s 2018 film ‘Sorry To Bother You.’ Apparently, Jackson was a fan of the film (and the shirt and Jodie!). Check out the interview below:


We also love the way she describes their relationship as, “we were in a one night stand” and proceeds to say they’re still in a 2-3 year one night stand. Hilarious!

Question for y’all though. How deep do you have to be in a relationship to let your significant other stay at your place when you’re not home?

Jodie invited friends and had a whole birthday party. She was real comfortable!


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