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Mally Mall receives 33-months in prison for operating a prostitution ring in Las Vegas.

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Mally Mall has been dealing with legal issues for quite some time. He notoriously had a run-in with authorities over exotic animals and then went from one extreme legal problem to another. For some time, allegations were made that Mally was operating a prostitution ring and holding women against their will. In January of last year, one model filed a lawsuit against him claiming she was held against her will and during the imprisonment was raped and drugged by him. This lawsuit came shortly after he pleaded guilty to running an illegal prostitution ring in 2019. According to Complex, he has finally been sentenced.

On Thursday, the 43-year-old producer—legal name Jamal Rashid—received a 33-month prison sentence for owning and operating a sex work business between April 2002 and September 2014. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Nevada, Mall ran high-end escort business that served as fronts for prostitution; he allegedly made millions of dollars off the scheme, which involved transporting victims across the United States to perform prostitution services.

Prosecutors say Mall’s victims were separated into two categories: “independent contractors” who would give him a portion of what they earned; and “priority girls,” who gave him nearly all of the proceeds from prostitution. Mall, who allegedly advertised the services on websites like Eros and Backpage, admitted to manipulating hundreds of women through strict rules, threats, and promises of career advancement.

While in court, he claimed to not have pimped anyone out since or done anything illegal since 2014. It is wild seeing how the charges were from 2002-2014. This means he stopped doing illegal things after he was caught and wants credit for being a law-abiding citizen….only after being caught doing the opposite. He also apologized to the court, government, and the women involved. This is what most people do before they are sentenced with the threat of life-changing time behind bars. He has until 2 p.m. on August 13th to turn himself in.


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