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Viewing And Funeral Held For Victim Of Police Killing, Andrew Brown Jr., In North Carolina

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District Attorney Andrew Womble has announced that none of the officers who were involved in Andrew Brown Jr.’s shooting death will be charged criminally and will be reinstated effective immediately according to CNN.

“Mr. Brown’s death, while tragic, was justified because Mr. Brown’s actions caused three deputies to reasonably believe it was necessary to use deadly force to protect themselves and others,” Womble said.

Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten said they will still face discipline because this killing was wildly unnecessary.

“While the district attorney concluded that no criminal law was violated, this was a terrible and tragic outcome, and we could do better,” Wooten said, adding that two deputies did not turn on their body cameras during the incident.
No shock here. SMH.

We would love to be optimistic about the outcome of the State Bureau of Investigation into the shooting death of Andrew Brown Jr. at the hands of police officers in Elizabeth City, North Carolina but optimism requires faith and there are very few reasons to have faith in the police who investigate the police.

According to ABC News, the district attorney Andrew Womble will be holding a press conference at 11 am to publicly announce what if any culpability the officers have in Brown Jr.’s death. Based on the police department’s previous insistence that Brown hit the officers serving the search warrant with his car we don’t expect them to back down now. The family and their lawyers have seen these parts of the video and emphatically deny everything the police allege happened.

At this time, there is no word on whether or not any criminal charges will be announced today even if the bureau found examples of improper conduct. Once again, here we are holding our breath hoping and praying that a law enforcement entity does the right thing and that a Black family can get some semblance of justice for their dead loved one.

Officers attempting to serve a drug-related search and arrest warrant fatally shot and killed Brown outside his home in Elizabeth City on April 21st. The three deputies involved in the shooting still remain on leave. The four other officers who were on the scene during the time of the incident were reinstated after the city’s sheriff presented evidence that they did not fire their weapons.

An autopsy later revealed that Brown was hit five times during the tragic shooting including once in the back of the head. Brown’s family continues to argue that he was not armed and did not pose a threat to the officers who took his life.

We will update this story after the press conference.


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