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Uber has become a staple in vacations, bar hopping, and everyday travel for millions of people around the world.

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From time to time, when you hop into an Uber, you’re late, running errands, or just do not have your head in the game. Next thing you know, you’ve left your wallet by accident, a book bag, or your house keys slipped out of your summer shorts. It happens to the best of us and if it’s ever happened to you, chances are you understand how frustrating it is.

Uber has spun this into a sort of a funny thing with their annual Lost and Found Index, revealing the wildest items left in cars, and other fun stats. According to the report, riders had the worst luck from Halloween until New Years’, which makes sense due to the drunken nature of that time period.

Scouring its data, Uber determined riders were at their most forgetful on Friday and Saturday nights, and that some of the most forgetful days of the year were Nov. 1 (Halloween weekend), Jan. 1 (New Year’s Day), and Feb. 17 (post-Mardi Gras). Riders are are most likely to forget celebratory items like birthday cards, cakes, and gifts on Thursdays, while people are most likely to leave their IDs and baby items—including car seats, pacifiers, milk, and strollers—on Fridays. Sundays are when people most often lose their phones.

The most forgetful cities, as cited by Uber, were: Austin, Texas; Fort Myers, Florida; and Nashville, Tennesse. The company also listed 50 unique items that were lost throughout the year, including fresh shrimp, a tattoo machine, raw chicken and 20 pounds of salt, and several other outlandish things that somehow got left behind. More than 60 people forgot gold grills, Invisalign retainers, and full or partial sets of dentures.

Most of you reading this probably helped get some of these numbers higher in your respective cities, but it’s okay, it happens to everyone. Just be thankful you aren’t the person leaving fresh shrimp or raw chicken in someone’s car.

We know Uber kept it PG-13, but we can only imagine what’s been found in their drivers’ cars that couldn’t be put on the list. You can check out their full list below.


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