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It’s that magnificent time of year where drippy high schoolers FLEX ON US LOWLY PEASANTS with extravagant prom ‘fits, luxurious vehicles and spectacular photoshoots that annually elevate the age-old event while fueling starry-eyed hysteria across social media.

At this point, it’s safe to say things are back to normal with grocery stores being packed again, major city traffic returning to chaotic stand-stills and high school seniors flexing in $300K cars at prom after a stressful year where everything was canceled.

Aside from this year’s Black flexellence, there were several amazing prom stories headlined by Lela Rochon’s daughter Asia wearing her mother’s legendary red strapless gown to the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Rochon shared family photos from the special occasion that immediately caught the attention of fans who recognized the dress.

“Yes, I saved the dress,” Rochon wrote in her caption. “Wasn’t sure why but now I know. #vintage”

Stunning at senior prom is just one of the exciting things Asia has going for her this year, as the graduate is getting ready to attend the University of Southern California this fall. There, she’ll be part of a freshman class full of famous faces, including Storm Reid and Natalia Bryant (who almost missed her prom).

“Natalia almost missed her senior prom last night,” revealed Vanessa Bryant in an Instagram post. When I was a senior in high school, Kobe and I were engaged and he had a playoff game the night of my prom. Kobe didn’t want me going to prom without him and I didn’t want to go without him.

When we heard Natalia’s prom night and Kobe’s Hall of Fame night were on the same night, I looked at Natalia and said, ‘well if it’s any consolation, daddy kept me from going to my prom, so it’s only right that he tried to keep you from going to yours.’ 😃 Of course we laughed because even in heaven, he’s still trying to make moves and keep the boys away.”

Natalia’s experienced so much loss, I couldn’t let her miss out on her once in a lifetime opportunity to go to her senior prom. Thank you for flying out to accept daddy’s Hall of Fame jacket and fly home the next morning.”

What’s your fave new-age prom trend? Tell us down below and enjoy the most extravagant prom flexes of 2021 (so far) on the flip.

“Can’t mention our names with out bragging” – biggest prom flex of the year (so far)

“winning 💜” – this dress is absolutely gorgeous

“barely flex but don’t play with me period” – whewww

“True Royalty 💎” – pure class and a helicopter

“An alpha female is a powerful and successful woman, often in a leadership role. Alpha females are often described as intimidating by men and women alike.#Prom2021” – OK, Ms. Alpha

“So icy we flocking together 💎 #prom2k21 #21takeshollywood” – stunning photo

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“had to have the wraith” – you deserved

“I’m not a goat, but I fit the description” – that’s a Fendi fact

One of the prettiest dresses we’ve seen this season

“can’t be no sequel” – the colors and class

“Baby she so pretty, she the coldest in the city. Never letting up respectfully 💙” – ayeee

“I’m the topic and the top pick” – OK, caption!

“All blue, I’m the blueprint” – killled it

“I Told Them B!tches Get A Stick , I’m just Done Leading the Blind” – fireeee



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