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Uh oh! We hope these two can get it together!

Mendeecees, Yandy Harris

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Yandy Smith and her formerly incarcerated spouse Mendeecees are still finding it hard to get on the same page in their marriage after his prison release, and those issues are spilling out on television. On a recent episode of “Couple’s Retreat” Mendeecees even walked out on his wife as she expressed feeling uncelebrated and unsupported by him.

“It’s something that I feel like in Mendeecess…if he builds me up too much, he’ll think like I’m too big-headed and I’ll just feel like I don’t wanna be with him and I’ll leave. I can get an award from one of the top Black organizations …”

Mendeeecess, who thought they were there to only talk about his grievances with Yandy, immediately cut his wife off calling the session “super-duper dumb” and storming off from the couch.

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Mendeecees’ tantrum sparked a lot of comments from fans who thought he was missing the point of the counseling session. One fan pointed out that Mendeecees needed to take accountability for his own issues and stop giving Yandy a hard time, writing:

I swear Mendeecees forgets it’s his OWN DAMN FAULT he was locked up and his wife still managed to thrive during that time and you’re mad?!! STOP IT

Previously, Mendeecees revealed he didn’t even know if he would be able to hold his wife down had she gone to prison the way she did for him while he was away for four whole years. Now, these new issues are sparking concern from fans who are questioning whether or not Yandy should stay in the marriage at all.

What do YOU think the resolution here should be?


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