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Talk about wedding day jitters! This bride in India unfortunately experienced that and a lot more.

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A groom married the sister of his bride after she collapsed and died earlier in the wedding ceremony. According to reports from Times of India, the incident happened in Uttar Pradesh, India when a woman named Surabhi and man named Mangesh Kumar were tying the knot in a Hindu ceremony on May 27th.

During the exchange of garlands Surabhi collapsed and a doctor was called to treat her after she suffered a heart attack. One would think the wedding would be put on pause after this devastating news was announced but instead the family said “you can’t kill my vibes” and offered up the younger sister, Nisha, instead.

As the family continued with the ceremony, Surabhi’s body was taken to another room.

It is a part of tradition in India that the majority of marriages are arranged, so it’s no surprise that the families agreed for the sister to marry the groom because they wanted to keep it in the family. Not to mention, the groom’s family reportedly would have been expecting a dowry. Basically, cough up the money or give me a bride!

“So much vetting goes into matching families in marriages and it is natural for the families to want to stay together,” – Radha Patel, founder of South Asian matchmaking site Single to Shaadi.

Surabhi’s brother, told the Times of India, “It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister took place while the dead body of my other sister was lying in another room.”

That’s a tough situation for both families to be in. Would you be able to step in for your sister and take one for the team? We’ll take a “Hell No” for $200, Alex!


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