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Now, why would he get her mad like this??

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T.I. and wife Tiny Harris are currently in the middle of an investigation involving over a dozen women accusing them of sex abuse, but that didn’t stop the rapper from addressing the allegations in his latest song and music video for “What It’s Come To.” Not only did the rapper address his accusers, but he mocked Sabrina Peterson who spearheaded the campaign to get criminal charges against him and his wife.

In the music video, T.I. played literal laugh tracks over audio of Sabrina speaking about dropping her lawsuit against the couple if they “apologized” within seven days of her making her statement. In his lyrics, T.I. also bashed his accusers calling them “lying b*tches.”

“The object of the game is kill the king/ So ’til the blade meet my neck on the guillotine/ But imma be standing tall like a statue/ N***a fuck that he-say-she-say if the receipt say that s**t ain’t factual. “

He continued:

I’m up against some lying-a** b*****s / Damn, this is what it come to.””

Sabrina took no time to address T.I. directly on her own Instagram page and she went TF OFF on him, calling him a “dummy.”

“I have been in federal trouble before, no matter how the public feels about they can’t save you. Since your million dollar team won’t tell you I will. You aren’t taunting me you are taunting your investigators. You aren’t taunting me you are igniting more women that have stayed quiet that you victimized. DUMMY.”

She added more in her caption, saying,

“Many of your fans have been victimized in their lifetime. Your tactics aren’t a good look. It’s actually sad! It’s heartbreaking! It’s one thing to put a gun to a woman’s head but it something totally different to keep attempting to victimized that woman again & again. When it’s all said it done I took the high road & tried to give mercy but you repaid it with mockery. Get out the booth & behind cameras & SEE ME IN COURT!”

Yikes! What do YOU think about T.I. addressing Sabrina and his accusers in his new music video?



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