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Again, all of this police abuse over synthetic smoke.

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Earlier this week, we reported on an incident in Ocean City, Maryland where police accosted, abused, and arrested several Black teens who smoked their vape pens on the sacred boardwalk. Oh, the humanity. One of the boys, 19-year-old Brian Anderson, was thrown to the ground where an officer proceeded to knee him in the ribs numerous times.

This morning, according to ABC News, the boys appeared on Good Morning America to talk about what happened that day and how they are feeling at this time.

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in,” Brian Anderson, 19, said in an interview airing Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

Another boy, an 18-year-old friend of Brian’s named Jahtique John Lewis said this about how the brave boardwalk cops put their lives on the line to protect the sanctity of the worthless wooden planks.

“I asked him what was the problem and they were like, ‘Tell your boy to put his pen away,'” John Lewis, also of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, recalled in the interview with ABC News. “As I turned around, we see public safety and police [are] crowding us. Next thing I know, Brian is on the floor.”

Police say that they were forced to retrain Anderson after he refused to show his identification and “became disorderly.” However, John Lewis believes the officers “abused their power” when they slammed Anderson to the ground and tried to grab his ID “in an excessive way.”


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