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OK, Simon!

Well, it certainly appears that Porsha’s fiancé Simon Guobadia has eased into his newfound celebrity as the newest member of the RHOA family.

In a now-viral post, he can be seen kissing Porsha in their first public lip-lock since the beginning of their months-old relationship that continues to shake up social media.

The big kiss commemorated Porsha’s 40th birthday celebration that included a girl’s trip to Mexico, a fancy cake courtesy of Simon, and a private bash with sorts of booty-shaking shenanigans.

“You are my twin in every significant aspect of life,” he captioned. Your laugh is contagious and your tears touch the depths of my soul. We are one of a kind. As long as we continue to love, understand and respect each other, there is nothing on planet earth that can come between us and the love we have for each other. Now, let’s love live and travel.❤️”

Whether their love is real or for the cameras, we’re not quite sure yet, but the heart-eyed entrepreneur showered her with love in the touching tribute where he revealed her tattoo of his middle name on her neck.

At this point, she appears to be ALL IN on Simon whose reportedly filming with Porsha for the highly anticipated next season of RHOA.

“Ima stick beside him,” she captioned under a pic of the couple sitting together at what appears to be a club–possibly one of the clubs he owns.

Naturally, she thanked the good Lord, himself, for sending her Simon who, according to Atlanta socialite Jessica Harris, was just canoodling with her last month.

On a recent episode of Dish Nation, Porsha was grilled by her cohosts about her quickie coupledom with the estranged husband of Falynn Guobadia. According to Porsha, despite what detractors think about them getting engaged after only 1-month of dating, she couldn’t deny her feelings.

“God is good,” said Porsha on Dish Nation. “I’ve been waiting for a love like this. God answered my prayers and I wasn’t gonna deny it when it was smacking me in my face.”

She also addressed those pesky pregnancy rumors that died down when she posted a snatched waist gym pic.

“I’m not pregnant,” said Porsha. “I am not pregnant, this is not a shotgun wedding.”

Did this post convince you that their love is real? Tell us down below and peep the pettiest reactions to their first public kiss on the flip.

“Me seeing a picture of Porsha and Simon kissing on my Instagram timeline” – *cackles*

“I almost threw up at that picture of Porsha & Simon kissing, MAKE IT STOP” – oh but it’s only beginning

“Oh Porsha is 40 and Simon looks like he has one more decade in him left… asem” – ahh mannn

“Chhh. Porsha does actually get w*t for Simon? I’m sorry lol” – whoaaa

“There’s a lot of things to be said about the whole Porsha/Simon thing but I wanna focus on this birthday cake he got her bc wtf is that 😂😭😭” – if she likes it, we love it

“Porsha really looks like she never wants to touch Simon” – yiiikes

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“Simon added his middle name onto his IG page so when he gave @Porsha4real a birthday s/o he also posted the pic that showed she tattooed his name on her.

So convenient and calculating but that sums up Porsha and Simon relationship. Smh” – wowwwww

“Is Porsha broke? Cause I don’t get the Simon attraction… 💰 💴 💵 #RHOA” – hmmmm

“I saw that pic of Porsha and Simon kissing and I still don’t believe they are a real couple. There’s really nothing they can do to make me think they really in love with each other like they claimin 😂” – welppp



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