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Oluwatoyin Adewole Amuda

Source: Amuda Family / Amuda Family

It’s summertime, school is out, kids are out and about having fun and perhaps getting into a bit of mischief. This isn’t one of those stories if you listen to the cries of foul play from folks on social media who have been following news reports.

According to KFOR, 18-year-old Oluwatoyin Adewole Amuda was found drowned in a swimming pool in the early morning hours of June 16. The owner of the home says that he was asleep when his daughter woke him up saying that there was a boy floating in their pool. Upon pulling him out of the water, the homeowner says he performed CPR until emergency help arrived. Lt. W. Fretz of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office asked if there was alcohol provided to the underaged child.

“I asked [him] if anyone here was drinking and if there was any alcohol here and he stated not to his knowledge,” Fretz said in the police report.

Upon search of the property, Fretz reportedly found two empty beer cans on the hot tub, a small plastic empty vodka bottle, and an empty Jell-O package on the ground. To make matters even more suspicious, the homeowner told police that the security cameras that overlook the pool were “broken”. Tuh. Additionally, police discovered a trash bin full of beer cans and several spots where it appeared that someone had vomited.
As we mentioned above, there is a growing conversation on social media about how something here just doesn’t smell right.

Here is the recording of the 911 call that was made upon the homeowners finding Oluwatoyin’s body.

There is currently an investigation into all the circumstances surrounding this death and we will be watching it very closely.



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