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Wendy Williams seems to be enjoying the single life a little too much and had to be put in her place when shooting her shot at Da Brat.

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Da Brat appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote Brat Loves Judy, a WEtv reality series featuring her and her fiancée Jessica Dupart. Before Da Brat could even go into depth about the show and her love life with her fiancée, Wendy set the awkward tone by alleging the rapper and radio personality tried to hit on her.

“[She was] like, ‘So whatchu doin’?’ I’m like, ‘Da Brat, I’m minding my own business. What do you mean?’ ‘Is you alone?’ Oh she tried it. Oh please! I said, ‘Look here, Brat, we are friends. Like, I’m a girl who’s your friend, that’s it.’”

In fact Wendy was so pressed to get this point across that as soon as the interview started with Da Brat, Wendy asked if she heard what she said during Hot Topics. Da Brat replied, “I came in on you saying something a little bizarre. Can you rephrase and rewind and tell me what you said girl?” Sure enough, Wendy lit up with excitement and reiterated the allegation.

The uninvited conversation went something like this…

“You got a strong pickup game – unless that’s how you always speak to attractive women.”

Da Brat asked,

“So do you think I tried to pick you up?”

Williams answered shamelessly,

“Yep! Yep!”

Da Brat asked when this happened and Williams told her,

“I’ve got receipts in my phone.”

Da Brat clarified, “The last time we talked and I texted you, it was after I saw your documentary, and I felt like you ain’t got no real friends and I wanted to be your friend, so I called to check on you…”

Now Wendy, have you not heard of platonic relationships? Can’t even be nice to people without them taking it out of context.

But wait, there’s more! Just when we thought the conversation was over Wendy proceeded to ask…

“If I was gay would you like me?”
Da Brat responded,
“Nope… You fly but not for me. I already have my baby too. I have my forever already. I would never disrespect or do that – at all, ever.”
Williams continued and asked what if Da Brat’s fiancée wasn’t in the picture. Da Brat maintained,
“No. I love you but I wouldn’t want to get with you like that. I just wanted to be your friend ’cause I felt like you showed your vulnerable side. You’re human like the rest of us…”

Damn Wendy, if you like Da Brat just say that and let that woman be! Shoutout to Da Brat for holding her fiancée down though, #BlackLove we see yall!



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