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Police in Dickson City, Pennsylvania were called to Home Depot for a weird scenario of a large group performing an exorcism for dead trees in the Lumber Aisle.

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Usually, when we talk about insane stories and headlines, it’s always going down in one place: Florida. Florida always has something crazy going down to the point where it’s almost unbelievable, and so much happens it’s hard to figure out how the people in Florida continue to raise the bar every day.

Still, there are those rare moments when another story pops up and when you find out it didn’t happen in Florida, it’s shocking. Today’s story that didn’t happen in Florida comes from Pennsylvania, where a local Home Depot had to call the authorities for a peculiar reason, KUTV reports.

Police in Pennsylvania had a rather strange call this week which took them to the lumber aisle of a Home Depot store to respond to an exorcism for dead trees.

Each day on Facebook, Dickson City Pennsylvania Police share a list of calls they get from various places.

One call, in particular, stood out earlier this week. The call was for “disorderly people having an exorcism in the lumber aisle for the dead trees.” Police escorted the group out of the store and no charges were filed.

From the looks of it, this is something that’s regular for this group and probably will happen again. Let’s cross our fingers the group responds and tells their side of the story because, at this point, we need a visual and reason behind the act. Plus…why Home Depot of all places?



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