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Technology is one of the scariest things on Earth right now…


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We all enjoy the spoils of the hard work that tech engineers and math geeks have put in over the years to make our lives easier and stress-free. However, sometimes all that hard work leaves us more stressed than ever before. Over the past decade, the internet has been teeming with videos of robots doing all sorts of things that make our skin crawl. Robot dogs that can run, jump over obstacles, and climb boxes. Robot “men” that can flip, roll, and fight. Hell, even antibacterial robot women who can give you sloppy toppy. It’s all very terrifying stuff if you’re a dystopian futurist who has watched Terminator 2 a few too many times.

If you happen to be one of those people then this latest story from TMZ will likely send you into a conspiracy fit. You’ve been warned.

During halftime of the Team USA vs France game on Sunday afternoon, Tokyo officials rolled out a lil “entertainment”, an armor-clad robot that looks like it came right out of Game of Thrones. This robot wasn’t sent to protect the Iron Throne, however, this robot was a baller the likes of Steph Curry and Damian Lillard.

This electronic iHooper has the ability to “walk” to the 3-point line, grab a ball out of the rack, and swish 23-foot stationary shots. Moreover, the robot is able to trot back to HALF COURT and drain 3’s from the logo! Reporter Ann Killion caught the whole thing on video.

If this robot can drain 3’s like that, what’s stopping it from learning how to unlock your doors in the middle of the night and come inside your crib to kidnap you?!?



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