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This bum a$$ broad…


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If we hadn’t already adopted “Karen” as the community standard for a terrible white woman, there is no doubt in our minds that “Amy Cooper” would serve as the malevolent mayonnaise representative. For those who don’t recall, Amy Cooper is the white woman who played the victim in Central Park when a Black man, Christian Cooper, was addressing her about her unleashed dog. Cooper infamously said she was going to call the police and tell them that a Black man was threatening her, then she did just that. Subsequently, Cooper lost her job, was arrested, and became one of the most notorious Karens of all time.

This week, Cooper appears on NYTimes’ writer Bari Weiss’ podcast “Honestly” where, according to NBCNews, she recounted the incident and tried to explain why she did what she did. We don’t really need her explanation because we know exactly why she did it but we digress.

“He’s holding these dog treats in one hand and a bike helmet in his other hand, and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, my God, is this guy going to lure my dog over and try to hit him with his bike helmet?'” she told podcaster Kmele Foster. “And if I end up over there, am I going to get hit by this bike helmet?”

Yes, she really fixed her fact to suggest that a bike helmet was a “weapon of war”. Listen to this horses#!t directly from the horse’s mouth in the clip below.


This whole interview flies in the face of the comments she made following the controversy where she apologized and explained that she didn’t fully understand the position that she put Christian in.


Surprise, surprise, a white woman backtracking and bulls#!ttin’. Color us shocked.


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