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Attention #MAFS fans, we might have an issue on our hands.

“Married At First Sight: Houston” couple Myrla and Gil might have had a copacetic time tying the knot as strangers but viewers are already noticing some red flags.

MAFS Houston

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As previously reported the firefighter, 35, happily tied the knot with his beautiful leadership coach bride, 34, and he won points with his new mother-in-law when he greeted her in his native language, Spanish. The couple then bonded over their heritage and met each other’s family and friends. Myrla’s friends revealed her love for shopping, designer clothes, and the finer things in life, and Gil’s buddies wondered why Myrla didn’t swap spit with their buddy. The demure bride reiterated that they were still “strangers” and the couple moved forward and spent their first night together.

Married At First Sight: MAFS Houston

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During that night, the two actually realized that they shared similar traumatic experiences; both of their fathers were murdered. Gil’s father was gunned down when he was 14 and Myrla’s dad was fatally stabbed in a murder plot by her half-sister.

Viewers were SHOCKED to hear the stories and wondered if the two could bond over their tragedies.

Later, the two packed up for their honeymoon in the Florida Keys presumably because an out of the country was out of the question per the pandemic.

Gil was excited to see their honeymoon suite but Myrla was LESS than impressed and likened it to a retirement home

“My pool is better than that pool,” said Myrla. “I just see murky grass. You know what’s missing? The sound of the ocean waves. This is so sad,” she concluded.


Prior to their getaway, the two had a cringe-worthy convo about finances. Gil told his wife about his frugal lifestyle, something that clearly concerned his “money-driven” wife Myrla.


“One thing we haven’t talked about is finances,” said Gil noting that he doesn’t mind if his wife is the breadwinner. “Money for me is not that important,” said Gil.

“I’m always like how can I make more, what’s the next step?” said Myrla noting that she grew up “extremely poor” and wants to obtain an “even better” lifestyle. “I’m very money-driven.”

We all saw this coming, right?



Do YOU think Myrla and Gil’s differences in finances will drive a wedge between them or can they still make it work???



“Married At First Sight” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. 


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