Nene Leakes' Hilarious New Jogging Meme Blows Up Twitter

She’s A Runner, She’s A Track Star: Nene Leakes’ Hilarious New Jogging Meme Blows Up Twitter

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Run, Nene, Run!

By now, you’ve probably seen the forever meme-able Nene Leakes jogging into a stumble and bumble in the latest hilarious meme wave taking over social media.

The classic clip comes from Season 2 of RHOA where the reality icon participated in a ‘Heel The Soul’ charity run in heels that, 12 years later, has been flipped and remixed into one of the funniest memes of 2021.

However, Nene isn’t so pleased that she’s not seeing 1 coin from the viral clip.

Now, we doubt Her Very Richness needs those extra coins but it is wild that she’s never made anything off her countless memes/GIFs flooding the internet daily.

What’s even wilder was her reaction to Porsha and Simon’s engagement that sent Reality Twitter into a TIZZY.

In an IG Live interview with Sheen Magazine, she clarified why she commented on Porsha Williams’ Instagram post about her surprising engagement. The reality star explained that she thought Porsha’s ex Dennis McKinley was back in the picture. Not only that, but NeNe thought that Simon was the boyfriend of Porsha’s mom, Diane T. Williams.

“I haven’t really been on social media that much, but I rolled down social media and looked,” NeNe explained. “I saw Dennis and this man, right? In her pictures. I never really paid much attention. I just saw Dennis and a guy, right… I thought he was Diane’s boyfriend. Porsha’s momma…When I was just scrolling through the picture quickly. And that’s why I said reading is fundamental.”

Where does this meme rank on the list of classic Nene moments? Tell us down below and peep the funniest Nene jogging memes on the flip.

“This was always the wildest part of the movie for me” – *HOWLS*

“When it’s closing time and you don’t wanna get left in Jurassic Park” – *falls down the stairs*

“SCREAMING” – bruhhhh Twitter is out of control

“Paul Revere telling everybody the British were coming” – *cackles obnoxiously*

“me trying to keep up with Harriet Tubman” – you know what…

“me chasing waterfalls after TLC told me not to” – haaaaa

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“Destiny’s Child: “Can you keep up?”

Me tryna keep up:” – so relatable

“Halle Berry fighting to get her son back in another movie” – hahahahahaha

“me running out the hospital after not paying for my BBL” – ahhhhh

“Me pretending to chase the police car after they get arrested” – yooooooo

“Me after eating dairy AGAIN even though I know I’m lactose and illiterate” – mannnnnn



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