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Alexia’s got something to say.

Put A Ring On It OWN

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If you’ve tuned in to OWN’s second season of “Put A Ring On It”, you surely saw the moment that a 14-year relationship came tumbling down after someone admitted to creeping.

As previously reported the Will Packer Productions show centers around a trio of couples who embark on the ultimate relationship test to see if they are ready to get married or if they need to part ways. They do so with the help of expert Dr. Nicole who challenges them to date other people to discover more about their true selves and see if there’s ultimately a “love connection they’ve been missing all along.”

Luckily for you, BOSSIP’s been watching and we’ve got an update on standouts Alexia and Darion.

Put A Ring On It OWN

Source: OWN / OWN

Alexia and Dr. Nicole were both recent guests on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap hosted by Deputy Editor Dani Canada and they offered an update on the shocking moments we’ve seen play out on the show. In particular, they discussed Darion finally fessing up to cheating on Alexia by sleeping with Kai, a woman he went on multiple dates with, much to Alexia’s chagrin.

The news was broken by Kai herself during a “closure meeting” between Kai and the Field Mob rapper that made jaws drop. Jaws dropped even further when Kai noted that the cheating happened at a condo that Alexia urged Darion to get rid of for years.


Darion apologized to Alexia and asked for another chance but ultimately she walked away in an applause-worthy moment.



According to Alexia who admitted that her DMs are flooded with fans, supporters, and “blue checks”, she was upset when her suspicions about the condo were correct. She also added that she indeed did suspect something was wrong.

“I’m a human being,” said Alexia on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap noting that she mostly believed Darion’s excuses. “I started to think something was wrong only because one night he told me he was going to the studio. I knew something was off because the studio was upstairs in the house. How are you ‘going in the studio’—when it’s in the room upstairs?”


She also added that seeing Darion’s actions play out on TV was especially aggravating.

“I want people to know when they’re watching the show, I’m watching it for the first time too,” said Alexia on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I see when people say Lex is delusional, he’s doing it right in her face. How would I know what he’s doing on his dates when I’m not there?

“People have to remember that I’m not present when he goes on his dates,” she added”. I don’t know that he was holding someone’s hand except for the time when she did it in front of me. I don’t know that this girl is in my truck. I saw it for the first time on television. Also when we come home we’ll talk about it, but it was never what I saw but obviously, they were just talking about me on their dates which was weird.

It’s annoying, it’s aggravating [to watch], I don’t think there was a week that I had a good time on that show except for the first episode. For me, every week was annoying and dissapointing. I was frustrated every week.


She also weighed in on a comment that Dr. Nicole made about men sabotaging relationships. “Men that are mature, they don’t sabotage what they build,” said the relationship coach. According to Alexia, that was a game-changing comment that made her reflect.

Dr. Nicole herself also weighed in with sound wisdom about self saboteurs destroying what they’ve built.

Put A Ring On It OWN

Source: OWN / OWN

“When they’re mature they understand worth, they understand what they bring to the conversation, they understand how to be a solution partner,” said Dr. Nicole on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “First of all, they’ve got to want to build. We know it’s easy to sabotage something you didn’t build. When you do build it and you are mature, you recognize that there is work, there is energy,  decisions, resources, put into building that.”


“We focus a lot on cheating as sabotage but there are so many things people do to bring about a termite infestation.”



During BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap Alexia also dished on her current relationship status, her hopes for the remaining couples, and more. Dr. Nicole also dropped gems and offered advice on how people can prepare for the “yummy love” they’re seeking.

Watch below.

The season finale of “Put A Ring On It” airs Friday, August 27 at 10PM EST on OWN.


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