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Niya Skyy Hogans and Chelsea Suitt are the true definition of bestie goals!

Niya Skyy and Chelsea Suitt of Girl Boss Headquarters

Source: Courtesy / Niya Skyy

The pair teamed up to create the Girl Boss Headquarters Museum in Atlanta, GA and delivers an ultimate experience like non other.

Girl Boss Headquarters was founded and created by Niya Skyy Hogans, and co-designed by her bestie Chelsea Suitt. Girl Boss Headquarters Museum was created for chic, innovative, media-influenced women. The duo prides themselves in having a women empowerment-focused interactive experience for like-minded girl bosses! The museum features 10 interactive content rooms focused on novelty and innovation, designed to encourage patrons to engage and experience the everyday lifestyle of a girl boss.

Not only do they create a fun and content-savvy space to capture the best Instagram pictures, but they also take pride in supporting and uplifting women entrepreneurs within the community. GBHQ offers a collaborative event space inside the museum where Girl Bosses can host events and gatherings on behalf of their business.

Bossip chatted with Niya Skyy as she paused to run errands for GBHQs’ female talent showcase and vendor expo happening this Sunday at the museum. We talked about everything from the purpose behind the space, future locations for the museum and what truly makes a girl boss.

“My biggest goal for GBHQ is that when you visit our creative space, you’ll make memories and gain new business relationships that will last a lifetime!” Niya Skyy shared with Bossip.”

Liz Smith: Some people say getting into a business venture with your best friend is a challenge and often times doesn’t mix well. Did you have these thoughts at first or were you always open to starting a business with your bestie?

Niya Skyy: We’ve been to selfie museums all over, LA, Miami, Chicago, it’s a thing and we always plan to visit one when we travel. So, one day I told her I wanted to create one and she agreed that I should, I insisted that she co-design it and she was down. Me and my best friend are literally just alike but we also know how to check each other and balance each other out. We motivate each other and everything clicks and comes together.

Liz Smith: What makes GBHQ different from other selfie museums?

Niya Skyy: I wanted to specifically highlight women I knew. If you go into the creating “herstory” room I have a lot of women who inspired me throughout my career. I always tell my story about how I didn’t get to where I am today without other women bringing my name up in rooms I wasn’t allowed in yet. So I wanted to recognized and highlight the local change makers and girl bosses of my city that are really killing. That was important to me.

Niya Skyy and Chelsea Suitt of Girl Boss Headquarters

Source: Courtesy / Niya Skyy

Liz Smith: Yes! I love that and shoutout to Bossip’s own, Janeé Bolden for being featured in that room! With the success of it here in Atlanta, do you see yourself taking it on the road to other cities?

Niya Skyy: YES! We are definitely taking it to Charlotte and L.A. those are confirmed cities. It is a pop-up museum, however, Atlanta will be getting a permanent location which we’re in the works of closing on now. Other cities we’re hoping to travel to are Miami, Houston and maybe New York! So stay tuned!

Liz Smith: Last question, in your eyes what qualities make the ultimate girl boss?

Niya Skyy: Being able to support and uplift women, that is very important. You can be a girl boss, you can be successful with a good career but if you’re not feeding that into someone else and taking them under your wing then what are you really doing? Also, a great quality is being committed and dedicated to your future and the vision you have for your life and executing those plans. Last but not least, being humble and giving thanks to God! Count your blessings and make sure your spirit and heart are in the right place.

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