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$2 PER CUBE???

Imagine paying for ice at a restaurant.

Now imagine paying $2 per ice cube at a Real Housewife of Atlanta’s steakhouse.

Well, that’s what Georgia attorney Ryan Williams alleged happened when he patronized Kandi’s Blaze Steak And Seafood restaurant. According to Williams, he was charged $4 for two “rocks” in his drinks and he produced a receipt to back up his claim.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Williams explained that he was charged $30 for two Hennessys, $15 for a cheeseburger and fries, and $8 for a Red Bull with 18% percent gratuity and tax added to his meal that totaled $72.58.

He didn’t hold back, telling Kandi to “FIX THIS GHETTO A** S–T” noting that this was his second time supporting her establishment.

“The first time I was over charged for cheese and margarita ice,” he said. “I am very upset that I had to pay $4 for ice for my mixed henn and coke drink and another $8 for a Red Bull.”

It didn’t take long for Burruss’ team to make things right with Williams who acknowledged their positive correspondence in a lengthy Instagram post.

“I just had a very great conversation with Kandi’s team and all the issues of pricing and transparency were addressed,” Ryan shared on Instagram Monday. “I was told there will no longer be an upcharge for those lines items and those line items have in fact been fully removed from the POS system.”

“My intention was never to cancel or boycott the restaurant but instead make sure that the issue was corrected,” he explained. “As I stated, I went to the restaurant the first time and this occurred. I noticed the overcharge, I made it known, and was told it was an oversight/mistake. I returned for a second time and the oversight/mistake occurred again.”

“I know how much power I have and how much power people collectively have and I am happy that Blaze has decided to make things right,” he went on. “Thanks for taking the constructive criticism and correcting the issue. As an entrepreneur that owned one of the first black owned gas stations in Gwinnett and the owner of a law firm, I want nothing less than to see other African Americans thrive in business.”

This came after Kandi, who recently cleaned up her restaurant’s health code violations, posted an excerpt from Philly Mag’s breakdown of the “rocks” charge on her Instagram stories. “Rocks” are not ice, they mean MORE liquor.

A similar explanation also appeared on her restaurant’s Instagram page.

“For clarity, we do not charge for ice. “Rocks” is bar terminology that pertains to the amount of liquor poured in a drink. This terminology in line with “neat” and “up”. However, we have adjusted this verbiage and removed the charges all together.”

Hmmm, what are your thoughts about all this fuss over ice? Valid or blown way out of proportion? Have you dined at one of Kandi’s restaurants? If not, would you? Let us know and below and peep some Twitter chitter-chatter below:



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