This is so sad.

US Gymnasts Testify As Senate Examines FBI's Handling Of Larry Nassar Investigation

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Today was a very emotional day. The ladies who have been sexually abused by convicted predator Dr. Larry Nassar during their time on the U.S. Olympic gymnastic team gave public testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the failure of the FBI to properly investigate years worth of heinous crimes. Simone Biles was joined by Aly Raisman, Makayla Maroney, and several other women who have suffered at Nassar’s perverted hands.

According to ESPN, a report written by the Department of Justice lays out the laziness and general disinterest that the bureau had in finding the facts in the case. Even worse, many of these derelict agents would go on to lie about their egregious mistakes.

“It truly feels like the FBI turned a blind eye to us,” an emotional Biles told the Senate hearing Wednesday, adding that agents should be federally prosecuted to be held fully accountable.

Aly Raisman also raised questions about the agents’…suspicious lack of motivation which allowed for dozens of other women to be abused during that time, “Why would duly sworn officers ignore reports of abuse across state lines?”

Makayla Maroney also spoke her piece about the bum-a** FBI:

“By not taking action from my report, they [the FBI] allowed a child molester to go free for more than a year. They had legal evidence of child abuse and did nothing,” Maroney testified Wednesday.

We sincerely hope that each and every one of Larry Nassar’s victims find peace and healing. We also sincerely hope that all the FBI agents who did nothing about it rot in the hottest part of hell.



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