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Tyga Nikita Dragun rumors

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Tyga is not amused by folks going with rumors that he and Nikita Dragun, a popular transgender social media influencer, “hooked up” after Nikita shared an image of Tyga DMing her.

The drama began early Thursday morning after Nikita released the music video for her new song, “D*ck.” The visual included screenshots of DMs and texts supposedly sent to Nikita from popular men who present themselves as cis-heterosexual, one of whom was Tyga. The visual of Tyga and others supposedly in Nikita’s inbox sent fans speculating about their sexuality.

In the DMs shown, Tyga asks the influencer to “text him. “Many people immediately assumed by Tyga’s message that Nikita was “outing” him.

On her corner of the internet, Nikita didn’t seem too concerned with the Tyga chatter. After hours of fans commenting about Tyga’s sexuality, Nikita, deemed herself the “first trans-pop-star,” nut never directly explained what she was insinuating with the alleged DM. Folks online found it pretty vicious to seemingly “out” the rapper by using the controversial DM to promote her song.

Almost 14 hours after the Tyga and Nikita rumors circled the internet twice, the rapper FINALLY shut down the assumptions by explaining he contacted Nikita because his team shot and directed a music video for her, which was never released. He said he’s not sure why Nikita used his likeness for that video.

Then, for good measure, Tyga tweeted “clout kills.”

My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped. Not sure why she added my likeness to this. Ladies and gentlemen clout kills.


After Tyga’s statement, Nikita Dragun finally addressed the controversy and denied she insinuated that she slept with anyone. She also fessed up to it being all a stunt. Click HERE to see it.



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