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Lil Boosie takes the Facebook outage as a sign the Lord is punishing the social media platform for taking his Instagram account, but let us tell you what really happened, and NO, it doesn’t involve Boosie Badazz.

Boosie Hosts Opium Saturdays

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The saga of Lil Boosie versus Instagram is the most surprising Cold War in the age of social media. Usually, when people have disdain for a social media platform, it’s based in real pain, ethics, and often times, politics. With Boosie, it’s just the fact he broke the terms of service and was banned because of it.

Every time he makes a new Instagram page, shortly after, it’s deleted. He’s even gone as far as offering to put up serious cash to get his old Instagram account back. Of course, Instagram isn’t budging and when its parent company, Facebook, had an outage yesterday, Boosie was right there ready to take credit.

Of course, Boosie losing his page and the services being down were completely unrelated.

Here is what really went down:

The outage was the worst the company has seen since 2008, almost 13 years. The official reason for the outage was an update sent to configure changes on the backbone routers. Essentially, Facebook caused their own downfall with a poorly prepared update mixed with a DNS failure, according to CNBC. DNS is short for Domain Name System, and it is like a phone book for websites. The update was sent, but didn’t connect to where it was supposed to go. The service is back up for most, but some are still having trouble, which Facebook has apologized for and is trying to get back to 100%.



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