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Boosie has been on a tear with his social media presence over the past year or so, for better or worse. First, he blew up the internet when he showed up at a Hawks game in a Kappa shirt. This became a huge thing that had him in the national spotlight as controversy abound. It was entertaining and harmless.

On the not so harmless front, Boosie had a LOT of transphobic things to say about Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter. It was enough to get someone canceled if being canceled were an actual thing.

Now, it appears that Instagram has done some canceling and it’s not for any of those reasons. It’s because Boosie likes to go on live and ask women to “put their p**** lips on camera” and they, um, actually do it.

Of course this violates every rules Instagram has ever had and they acted in kind by getting rid of his account.

Now Boosie is throwing a fit.

This has caused hilarity and chaos at the same time and the jokes are flying.Hit the flip to see it all.

“Not Boosie tellin woman to show their pu$$y lips on live and being suprised why his page got deactivated, chile…..”

“If the president can grab someone by the pussy boosie should be able to pay u $1000 to put it on live ”

“Boosie very much deserved that deactivation. Although I enjoyed the raunchy content he spews a lot of ioditoc bullshit. So, not really a loss.”

“Boosie begging for his IG account back got me weak lmao, he must’ve forgot he said “put ya p**** lips on live I give ya $1000””

“I should’ve known when boosie was trending today was going to be a hilarious day”

“So Lil Boosie was more worried about other folks kids …..than the TOS of a platform he says he uses to feed his kids?”

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“Lil Boosie when he figured out his Instagram was gone”

“My 7 year old self apologizing to the lady my momma told me to apologize to after I said she didn’t look a day over 80.”



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