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These “security officers” are completely out of pocket!

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With everything that we have seen over the past several years regarding authority figures dealing with school children, it should come as no surprise that this mother is ready to exercise whatever legal means necessary to get some semblance of justice for her son.

According to an NBCNews report, in 2108 when Pamela Ononiwu went to Fairview Elementary School in Fairfax Station, Virginia pick up her son for a dentist appointment she got the heartbreaking shock of a lifetime. A school resource officer had her 5-year-old special needs son in a full chokehold.

“To my shock and horror, I found my son being put in a chokehold,” Ononiwu, 37, recalled. “This school resource officer was holding him at a 90 degree angle. My son kept trying to kick to get out of it, and the tighter the grip got.”

To put trauma on top of trauma, Ms. Ononiwu was scared to intervene to help her child because she was afraid of being gunned down by a violent, power-hungry police officer.

“I repeatedly told him to let my son go. I was scared because I was like, ‘Will I also be shot dead trying to save my son?’ But I said it’s worth it because I’m not gonna be here and let my son die or pass out in front of me,”

All of this happened because school staff summoned the officer to stop the kindergartener from “singing too loudly” in his Spanish class. Singing. Too. Loudly. Upon confronting the principal and other staff, Ononiwu says that no one really seemed to give a damn. There was no empathy. No apology. No concern for her son. So, she has now joined two other parents who are suing the school for putting “psychological trauma” and “physical harm” on disabled students.

This lawsuit was recently settled with both monetary awards and school policy changes. It’s sad that it takes all that just to get some straightening.


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