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Jon Gruden resigns as Raiders coach after his racist, homophobic and misogynistic emails leak.

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders

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When the investigation into The Washington Football team came to a close and their punishments were handed down, we all thought the NFL drama was over. We were sadly mistaken after learning NFL commissioner Roger Goddell had the NFL’s emails investigated as part of the Washington investigation. Of course, once you start investigating anything in a billion-dollar sports organization leaks are bound to happen.

For Raiders coach Jon Gruden, life came at him fast as his emails became the topic of the leaks. The first emails leaked showed Gruden using a racist trope in a 2011 email about NFL union head DeMaurice Smith. Yesterday, the flood gates opened, showcasing enough for him to resign the second he knew they were mentioned.

The Times revealed Gruden used homophobic slurs to describe Roger Goodell, was appalled a team was drafting a gay player, mocked transgender people including Caitlyn Jenner, deprecated women referees, and wanted players who kneeled to be fired.

The real question here is how he felt so comfortable speaking like this in company emails and who built the culture that allowed him to get this comfortable? For now, he has resigned, and if this is what was accidentally discovered, imagine what comes next now that all eyes are on the emails. You can read his statement below, and stay tuned as we can only imagine his next move.


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